philadelphia ROW stewardship

creating change in a city

In 2018, The Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation began to study Philadelphia’s processes for the public to implement and steward pedestrian plazas, parklets, and bicycle corrals. The resulting report,¬†Catalyzing Community Capacity: How Philadelphia Can Create Equitable Right-of-Way Stewardship, released in September 2019, identifies significant barriers for the expansion of right-of-way (ROW) stewardship and proposes steps city and community leaders can take to overcome them, particularly in underserved communities.

The report features infographics on Philadelphia’s parklets, bike corrals, and pedestrian plazas in conjunction to other cities across the country. It also includes testimonials from a variety of people that are accompanied by caricature icons. The overall design of the report embodies a well organized, elegant display of the lengthy research and interviews conducted by anthropologists and urban planners.

To view the full report and executive summary click here.