philadelphia autism conference

Lighting the Way through Transitions

A bright and cheery design to accompany a conference full of learning and awareness. The 2018 Annual Philadelphia Autism Project Conference: Lighting the Way through Transitions was held on November 30, 2018 at Community Behavioral Health (CBH) in Philadelphia, PA.  It welcomed over 200 attendees representing students, self-advocates, family members, educators, researchers, providers, professionals from city and state departments in and around the Philadelphia area. A variety of materials such as email blasts, posters, wayfinding, presentation templates, and a program booklet was created for the conference. The booklet was printed in a special way so that it could be worn around the neck (as seen above). It was printed upside down so the wearer could read the program and schedule properly without having to twist it in unnatural ways while wearing it. It also doubled as a name tag for all who attended!